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After working with several veterinarians over the years, I met a dog who surpassed all other dogs I'd ever been around. He was a gorgeous tri-colored silver fawn/apricot brindle English Mastiff and by far the largest dog I'd ever seen, weighing over 230 lbs. He came in often to board and everyone in the office loved him. I showed him to my husband and he was hooked! We went on the hunt to find one, but found that they were either way out of our price range, or poor quality. Due to my veterinary background, I knew that these dogs were prone to bloat, hip dysplasia, and other health problems, so I wanted to be sure I was buying a dog from a reputable breeder. After searching for almost seven years, and driving for hundreds of miles, we finally found one. We loved her so much, we decided to buy a companion for her. Again, we looked for years before we found one. Not wanting people to go through what we did, we decided to become that reputable, reasonably priced breeder and that's how J and J Mastiffs came about.

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