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Reply Rima Armogida
12:53 PM on February 12, 2017 
We took home our puppy, Leo, last week. During our time awaiting our puppy's birth and watching him grow, we found Yvonne to be one of the most responsible and knowledgeable breeders in California. She does well considered breedings with beautiful, well bred and well behaved dogs who truly become a part of the family when owners bring them home. She sends wonderful daily photos of the pups as they grow and is available after the puppies come home for assistance and assistance. We spent a lot of time looking at the reviews of other breeders and JNJ mastiffs were our choice. We would have even waited for another littler from her if Leo had not come into the world. If you are looking for a wonderful pet to bring into your family, this is the breeder for you!
Reply Amy Dugan
6:51 PM on February 10, 2017 
We got recently got a English Mastiff puppy from JNJ Mastiffs. We were in contact with Yvonne on a regular basis from the time Lilo (one of her dogs) was confirmed to be pregnant until we got our puppy. It was hard to wait but receiving pictures and videos on a regular basis made it easier. All of Yvonne's dogs are super friendly and beautiful and the puppy we got from her is very loving and beautiful. I was very happy that after looking at a few different breeders I choose JNJ Mastiffs.
Reply Eli Harris
10:08 AM on December 9, 2016 
We approached JnJ Mastiffs after we found out of male adult Mastiff had bone cancer. The knowledge, love and compassion that these breeders have for the English Mastiff is amazing, I have never run across a breeder so passionate about the breed in the 20+ years that I have owned Mastiffs. We were updated almost daily about our puppy and were welcomed out to their property whenever we wanted (within reason) to socialize with our pup. Since bringing Artoo home, he meshed great with Kaiden (who has since passed) immediately and is a very confident beautiful puppy from the start. The support after bring Artoo home has been awesome, even as a long time owner, I have plenty of questions and JnJ never leaves any of them open, answers every single one, no matter how stupid. I have found my breeder forever.
Reply Stephanie
2:47 PM on November 28, 2016 
Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Gus! He along with the rest of the puppies were raised with love and attention. He was treated as another member of your family. I really appreciate your open communication and loved your daily updates. It was amazing to be part of the growth process. We look forward to JNJ reunions!
Reply Beth
2:16 PM on November 23, 2016 
As I was looking through AKC reputable breeders, I came about this website. After looking over it, and seeing all the pictures and feedback, I realized that the owner is someone I used to work with almost 20 years ago. I am a D.V.M. and I practiced at the same veterinary hospital that Yvonne did. Although a mastiff is not my breed of choice (too big of a dog for me lol) I can tell you that Yvonne is one extremely dedicated and compassionate person. Although it has been many years since I worked with her, I can only imagine the loving care that she must give as a breeder!
Reply Lacey
10:08 PM on November 17, 2016 
My parents owned a Newfoundland when I was growing up, and I have always loved giant breeds. Now that I'm grown with my own family. I wanted to add to my family, but wasn't fond of the hair and upkeep of a newfy. The more I read on English Mastiffs, the more it seemed like the perfect breed. I'm so happy that I came across this site and started talking to Yvonne. She has been GREAT at answering any questions I have about this breed and doesn't make me feel stupid like a lot of breeders do. I was too late to get a puppy from the last litter (they were all sold) but can't wait to get my new addition soon. Even though all the puppies were sold, Yvonne still sent me pictures and updates on the litter so I could see them grow. She even invited me to their mastiff barbecue, but wasn't able to make it. I was able to drive up and meet her and the dogs the weekend after, and was so pleased! She was the same in person as on the phone. She was happy to introduce me to all the dogs and showed me all of the house and property. I was extremely pleased to see that what she showed me was exactly as it was on her website!! Nothing photo shopped or fake! The next few months are going to seem like eternity until pups are born and I can bring my new baby home, but I know it will be well worth the wait!!
Reply jill robinson
9:48 PM on November 12, 2016 
This is our first Mastiff -- we had Rott's/Danes prior. The doting and love Yvonne gives to these babies is beyond what I ever imagined. We live in Tacoma and she was able to work with us so easily. We got our boy home -- he has the disposition of an angel. Yvonne was in reach in a moments notice for any questions we had. She loves these babies like she was going to keep them forever -- she kept us all involved every step of the way! We received daily updated photos - and at times videos which really allowed me to watch this little guy and his personality. I am so very thankful our family found JnJ -- you will have absolutely no regrets or second thoughts along the way, she truly builds the confidence and connection to you and your pup! Lovely Lovely family!!
Reply Ken
8:13 PM on October 18, 2016 
I bought a puppy from JNJ six years ago and I'm now on the waiting list for another one. I have had mastiffs all my life, but never met a breeder quite like Yvonne. She goes WAY above and beyond! Not only does she send daily pictures and videos, but still after six years, she answers any question I have. We live out of state, so the daily updates are extremely important to us. She helps us to "bond" with our puppy before we bring it home. I also love the goody bag that she sends with the pups. It weighs more than the puppy and is loaded with information, food, toys, etc. I can't speak highly enough of JNJ Mastiffs!
Reply Bebe Pedicini
1:07 PM on September 4, 2016 
We were so very lucky to find Yvonne. She is an extraordinary breeder. Her dogs are simply stunning with exceptional personalities. We have a brindle little lady from her Clover who had the most gorgeous colored pups. Maggie came home at 8 weeks and Yvonne crate trained her due to our personal needs. She also came home with her potty training almost perfect, well she was perfect we needed a little more attention to her at times. This is our third mastiff. Once you are blessed with this breed I don't know how you would go back. You are lucky you found her site.
Reply Autumn Dickens
12:33 PM on September 4, 2016 
My family and I bought a puppy from Yvonne and family from her "daughter" Clover in August. Not only did Yvonne answer any question I came up with and I had a few since this is my first mastiff but she also started my new baby on the right track to use the potty outside, also got him used to his name for me. We went to see our boy once a week after we picked him out so that he wouldnt be so nervous when we brought him home with us. She sent us via text daily updates sometimes a few times a day, it made my day to see all the puppies and to see the weekly weigh ins for all of them. My Tahoe is the sweetest baby, I even asked Yvonne to put me on her waiting list for another mastiff in 3 years. Getting my Tahoe from her was a pleasure and the best experience getting a puppy from a breeder I've ever had. She is all about her four legged babies. I am so glad that she has let me begin my mastiff journey with one of her fur babies. Cant wait to show off my new fur baby in the future.