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Looking for a new addition? Get to know your breeder. A high quality puppy begins with a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER!

*When looking for a breeder, you want to be sure that they have a lot of knowledge of the breed. Ask as many questions as you can. A RED FLAG occurs when the breeder avoids giving an answer or ignoring the question (no one is perfect and not knowing the answer to every question is not a terrible thing, however they should be able to help you find the answer)

*How old are dam and sire? A RED FLAG occurs when a dog is bred too young. Any large breed dog should not have a litter before a minimum of 2yrs old (I prefer to wait until closer to 3yrs)

*How long have they been breeding? A RED FLAG occurs when the "breeder" decided to breed their dog so they could get a pup. In order to have enough experience with raising a healthy litter, a person should be breeding for several years OR be working with a knowledgeable/reputable breeder.

*How many litters has the dam had? A RED FLAG occurs when a dog has had several litters. Having a litter can be very hard on these large breed dogs. One to two litters is ideal, but absolutely no more than three litters, and definitely give a rest (skip a heat cycle) AND a full health exam before even considering a third litter

*Are their pups raised indoors, around kids, socialized from birth, etc? A RED FLAG occurs when a litter is raised outside. A healthy litter can not be raised outdoors. They should be cared for 24/7 and that is impossible to do if not in the house

*Do they do health testing? A RED FLAG occurs when there is no health tests done in the current or past generations of the line. Large breed dogs are prone to many health issues. Health testing should be done, if not on the parents themselves, at least on the line that they come from.

*What size are the parents? A RED FLAG occurs when parents are too small. Dam and sire should meet AKC requirements at the very least

*Are the parents registered with AKC? A RED FLAG occurs when pups are sold without papers. If pups don't come with AKC registration, but are listed as "purebred" it's likely they have limited registration and are not supposed to be bred *What is the temperament of their dogs? A RED FLAG occurs when there is any kind of aggressive behavior that would make you uncomfortable. When welcomed into their home, this breed should be happy to see you (a female may not be friendly when she has a litter of pups, but the rest of the "pack" should be happy to see you)


*Are they willing to show you their dogs before and after pups arrive? A breeder   should be happy to have you visit and meet their dogs (most breeders don't like having people on the property for the first week or two of delivery in order to keep any unwanted germs away, as well as letting mom get settled with her new pups)  A RED FLAG occurs when you're not allowed to come visit and meet all of their dogs 

*When asked about profit of litters, they should be able to break it down for you. See http://jnjmastiffs.webs.com/forsale.htm for explanations of the cost of raising a healthy litter. A RED FLAG occurs when a breeder can't give you a breakdown of costs (and show vet records). Someone that can't show vet records or give you references are most likely in it to try and make money and NOT in the best interest of the puppies

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