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Thank you to all who have purchased a puppy from us in the past.
This was our last litter for quite some time. We're taking several years off from breeding in order to focus on showing and finishing some of our up coming dogs.


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We have bred for almost two decades, always striving to produce dogs of both sound body and  mind. Our dogs are NOT kennel dogs! They're as much a part of the family as our own children and live in the house with us. We strive to produce show quality AKC puppies with health, disposition and conformation as our number one priority. We like to meet our clients face to face and offer delivery options. It is our goal to educate our clients about the breed and offer as much information as we can on health, training, etc and are always here to answer any questions throughout the life of your mastiff.

All puppies are very well socialized with people and raised with kids INSIDE the house. They're exposed to loud noises, livestock, etc. Puppies are started on paper training and potty training to make life a little easier on you. They receive their first shots, worming, and vet certificate prior to leaving and will go home with a puppy package which includes food, coupons, etc. **We sell all of our puppies with a HEALTH GUARANTEE contract. Most of our pups are sold with limited registration, however not always. We offer DISCOUNTS for military police, fire, as well as repeat customers, buying more than one, etc. NO multiple discounts (if you qualify for more than one, you will receive the highest discount). We also offer special considerations to show homes as well as delivery options and shipping at an additional charge.
**We do not offer discounts on litters with four or less pups.

Why do QUALITY English Mastiff puppies cost so much, you ask....to bring a mastiff litter into the world correctly it costs thousands! Stud fee $2500 or more, vet bills for artificial insemination, prenatal care and cesarean cost well over $4500. Then there's the cost of registering a litter, feeding a litter, worming and vaccinating a litter, vet check-ups, milk supplement with a large litter, etc, etc. This doesn't even include the amount of time invested in the litter and sleepless nights as your up every two hours round the clock to feed these pups (they can NOT be left alone with mom or there's almost a 100% chance she will lay on and kill at least one pup) This also doesn't include any health testing or showing of the parents. When you put all this together, the puppies tend to cost in excess of $2500 each, so the cost of your puppy usually is just an ATTEMPT to recover some of the cost of the litter. A reputable breeder stands behind their pups. Health guarantees, etc. You have more peace of mind knowing there was thought, testing, and care put into the breeding. Not just leaving a male with a female in order to get a litter. A reputable breeder puts the health, quality AND well-being of the pups first, not the money they can get for them....because in most litters, there is no money made!


**Price varies depending on full registration vs. limited registration as well as show homes, dam/sire, etc. Please contact us for exact prices

**We do not offer discounts on litters with four or less pups

**Delivery: We prefer not to ship pups as we like to meet our clients face to face, however in some circumstances, we know that that's not always possible, so we do offer shipping at an additional charge (only ship in the US). We also offer delivery within 250 miles (mileage fee applies)


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